Freight Forwarding

What is freight forwarding or who is a freight forwarder?

Freight Forwarder is a person or an organisation who coordinate the shipment or cargo from one place to another place. Most of the freight forwarder offer services in Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, Road Transport & Rail Transport.

The reputed freight forwarders are registered with local Freight Forwarders association. Each association has it own criteria to enrol a company in their association.But it is not a mandatory to be part of any association to being a freight forwarder. Any Organisation must have thorough knowledge in customs regulations, air cargo handling and Shipping procedures.

Nowadays technology controls an important part in freight forwarding and international logistics. All major customs are linked with internet and inter connected with each freight forwarding firm. Therefore the freight forwarders can complete the customs documentation through internet from their office station and offer the services to all location with a physical office in all region.

Role and responsibility will vary depend on the scope of the work. Majority of freight forwarding firm offers competitive freight rates with their negotiating skills and contact with shipping and airlines. It is also recommend to compare freight rates before commencing the business with a freight forwarder or a freight forwarding firm.It is also important to get all expenses apart from freight charges. Normally lot of charges are applicable depend on the service complexity of particular shipment.

A qualified freight forwarder can guide their customer and offer a competitive rates as well as assist them to complete their transportation with most economical and efficient way.It is always recommended to keep one or two efficient freight forwarder permanently, if the organization is doing regular international cargo transportation. Normally there are lot of pre and post documentation work required when you are transporting good to international locations.

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