Freight Forwarders Network

Freight Forwarders Network

Freight Forwarders network helps its members to expand their business and international partnership to worldwide destination.Networking is the easy mode of connection for its members to contact the member to engage in business activities. Most of the members are affiliated with IATA, FIATA and other national bodies certification. Normally the association will charge a annual fee as the membership fee to become a member. Most network offer regional and international conference for its members to meet their partner in person at a neutral a location to share and expand business opportunities.

Some networks offer freight liability insurance to its members which will cover risk factor while doing with the fellow partners. We have listed below for your ready reference about some freight forwarders network who offers membership. To apply membership freight forwarder must submit a filled application form which will be reviewed and approved by the network administrator.

The cost of the membership will vary depend on the network and its services. Normally start from $500 to $5000 a year. Also some network will collect the liability insurance as additional fee apart from regular membership fee.

What is non Exclusive Membership

Most of the network offers non exclusive membership. Non exclusive network has two or more members in a territory.More members means more business and more choices.

Is it possible to increase business once joined a freight forwarders network?

Yes its is possible. But remember just only by joining a network, you may not able to gain business. Use the network as an important tool to expand business throughout the globe. Identify right partners and start exchange business by regular contact within the network members.Remember any organisation must concentrate on increasing local business client which is vital for all freight forwarding companies.

Few associations are listed below

Freight Network Corporation –
World Cargo Alliance –
WWPC Network –
Word Freight Network –
Universal Freight Organisation –
Project Cargo Network –

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