freight forwarder Tips- 11 point must know before calling a forwarder

freight forwarder

Freight Forwarder help Tips

Are you an import or importer looking for a freight forwarder to ship your material ? Before calling a freight forwarder or a logistic company you must have the following information in your hand

11 point your must know before calling a freight forwarder

  1. What is the mode of transport? Whether it is ship, Air cargo, Road transport or courier mode. depend on the value, size & urgently you can choose the mode of transport.
  2. If you are an importer you must know the origin address, Origin port and destination. Also you must know whether the shipment is door to door, port to door or just port to port?
  3. You must aware the weight, volume, size & number of peaces,these information is sessional to get accurate cost of shipping your goods.
  4.  You must have a basic idea about air cargo container, shipping container size. you will find the information in this website. before calling a customer you must have of the container you wish to book with freight forwarding companies.
  5. If your cargo is oversize or heavy, you must provide weight and dimension.
  6. If your material fall under HAZ cargo, you must have the MSDS ( Material Data Safety sheet ) and obtain prior permission to load the cargo from the carrier.
  7. You must aware about the customs formalities and documents and cost before offering a shipment.
  8. Also you must aware about the packaging & handling of the cargo.
  9. must know whether any kind special permission is required to export or import your material. Some country may depart import/ export licence prior to shipment the goods.
  10. some product like food product required special clearance or certification prior to the shipment.
  11.  Customs duty. Most of the product attract customs duty. Buyer and seller must clarify who will be responsible the customs duty in the contract.
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